Services Overview

Our services are customized to address the specific needs of each client, focusing on the growing demand for contract labor.

Elements of our strategic partnership include sourcing, interview management, background checks, drug screens, hiring and onboarding. We also offer a competitive benefits package for those that qualify along with competitive wages. In addition to vetting our specialized talent pool, we partner with staffing industry experts utilizing the most current analytic data available for negotiating fair labor rates and offering our clients fair and competitive pricing.

Contingent Labor

Our fluid staffing model allows for engaging in temporary, short or long-term workforce labor needs without restriction.


Today’s job market has employees and companies recognizing the benefits of utilizing contract-to-hire solutions. This affords both company and employee the opportunity to determine “best fit” prior to making a full-time commitment. Our contract-to-hire options are developed to optimize the selection process to meet your needs and criteria.

Direct Hire

We provide recruiting support for direct hire positions. Our highly experienced team partners with you to identify the best candidate to fill your position. We assume the time intensive burdens of sourcing, reviewing resumes and conducting phone screens to narrow the talent considerations. Our technology solutions combined with our social networking capabilities deliver the right candidate to you.

Project-Based Solutions

Our extensive experience includes project-based support services. From beginning to end, our engineers and technicians provide the expertise and skills to complete projects on schedule and on budget. Our team will work closely with key stakeholders, hiring managers, project managers and corporate functions to ensure that there is exceptional delivery to meet demands.